Terms and Conditions

By registering with Classic Horse Auction, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the auction as set forth. As a seller, you confirm you have the right to sell horses and items you list. A listing fee in the amount of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150) is due  prior to the listing going live on the Classic Horse Auction website.  Such fee must be paid by credit card or digital payment processing (i.e.Zelle, Venmo, CashAPP, etc.) Additionally, Classic Horse Auction collects a ten percent (10%) commission on the final sale of each listing.  Should your reserve price not be met resulting in a “no sale,” the seller will owe no additional fees.

PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE CONDITIONS OF SALE BEFORE SELLING. Please keep a copy for your records. You will be bound by these Conditions.

  1. REPRESENTATION OF HORSE: Seller is responsible for the correct representation of horse(s) they list, including but not limited to the description, disclosure form, horse information, riding and training, as well as in communication with potential or eventual buyers. Some representations on disposition and handling are the opinion of the Seller and given only as an indication of the horse’s capability. Buyer should inspect, examine and research horse to their satisfaction. Seller is responsible for disclosing the following conditions, which must be stated in the online description, if this entry is a cribber, weaver, is unsound of eyes or wind, has a parrot mouth, is a cryptorchid or ridgling, has had major surgery or a serious illness, has been nerved or has a lameness due to navicular disorder, ringbone, osteoarthritis, founder prior to the sale or other bone abnormality or neurological disorder. Seller is solely responsible for the accuracy of all information that appears in the online sale representation or is communicated to the buyer directly. Seller agrees to hold Classic Horse Auction harmless from any claims arising out of any such inaccuracies or omissions.
  2. NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES: There is no warranty expressed or implied by the sales company, sponsors, or Seller, as to the performing soundness, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose of any horse offered on this site, other than those made specifically by the Seller. ALL HORSES ARE SOLD “AS IS” WITH ALL EXISTING CONDITIONS AND DEFECTS. RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE REPRESENTATION OF THE HORSE LIES BETWEEN THE SELLER AND THE BUYER.
  3. Any horse listed with Classic Horse Auction shall not be listed, posted or cross posted on any other sale site, any website or social media while the listing is active on the Classic Horse Auction website. Any posting or sharing by Seller of horse listing on any social media or personal website must consist of and be limited to a link to the Classic Horse Auction listing and website.
  4. Any listed horse shall not be sold outside of the Classic Horse Auction website while the listing is active.  If such sale should occur, Seller agrees to should pay Classic Horse Auction a ten percent (10%) commission on that final sale price.  Additionally, Seller agrees to indemnify Classica Horse Auctionof any costs or damages that occur from collecting the ten percent (10%) commission.
  5. RELEASE OF HORSE TO BUYER: Seller shall not release a horse to a Buyer until Buyer has made full payment for the horse and funds have been verified by Classic Horse Auction.  Classic Horse Auction reserves the right to hold funds until the horse is picked up by buyer’s transport of choice. Classic Horse Auction’s commission fee shall be deducted from the buyers payment.
  6. COGGINS REPORT: Seller must provide a copy of a Negative Coggins report drawn within 11 (eleven) months of the start date of the auction.
  7. Seller agrees to provide a basic soundness examination performed by a licensed veterinarian.
  8. Seller agrees that Classic Horse Auction may publish sale results including information concerning this sale transaction.
  9. INDEMNITY: Seller releases Classic Horse Auction, or any agency related to Classic Horse Auction, from any and all responsibilities, liabilities, obligations, claims, lawsuits, or legal proceedings arising from the sale of this listing. If legal action is initiated against Classic Horse Auction involving this listing, the Seller agrees to fully indemnify Classic Horse Auction from such suit, including legal fees and costs incurred by Classic Horse Auction
  10. LIMITS OF LIABILITY: Classic Horse Auction shall not be liable for lost profits or any incidental, special or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any sale or transaction. In NO event will the total liability of Classic Horse Auction from all damages, losses, and causes of action resulting from Seller’s use of the Classic Horse Auction website or service exceed the largest amount of funds held for your benefit.
  11. INTERFERENCE: Seller agrees not to use any device, software or routine to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the functioning of this online auction.
  12. SEVERABILITY – If any provision or portion of a provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision or portion of a provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

    Any and all matters shall be governed by the Laws of the State of Tennessee and venue shall be Marshall County, Tennessee.

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