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  • Breed: Rocky Mountain
  • Listed By: Emily Mitchell 864-419-5297
  • Location: Greer, SC
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Height: 15.3hh
  • Foal Date: 2010
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star and snip, left hind sock
  • Ending: December 21, 2023

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  • Breed: Rocky Mountain
  • Listed By: Emily Mitchell 864-419-5297
  • Location: Greer, SC
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Height: 15.3hh
  • Foal Date: 2010
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star and snip, left hind sock
  • Ending: December 21, 2023


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Unregistered Rocky Mountain Gelding. Thirteen years old. I have VIDEOS of everything you want to see… including a full go-pro video of him during a 9 mile hunter pace recently!

❤️ The good:

-Sound, sound, sound!

-Automatic smooth 4 beat gait, slow or can move out pretty fast too – gaits all day long!

-Rides out alone or in a group, in any position!

-Horses run up behind you suddenly he won’t lose his mind

-Other horses acting out afraid to cross water or a bridge he doesn’t care and will go first even

-Miles and miles and miles (hundreds) of trail experience throughout WNC/Upstate area

-Goes through any water, any terrain, any bridge, any ditches, no hesitation just point and go

-Excellent trail horse, polite on trail – no bite or kicking other horses

-Easiest loader in history of Horses

-Good solid bone

-Barefoot and tough as nails, even on gravel

-Stands tied ***all day*** or great in a corral

-Picks up all 4 feet

-Stands for grooming and tack and fly spray

-Easy to bridle doesn’t put head up or try to evade

-Good with his ears

-Bathes and clips


-NO biting or kicking

-Blankets without a problem


-Perfect for the vet

-Perfect for the Farrier

-Easy to be around

-Easy keeper

-Up to date on teeth, vaccines, and Coggins

-Built for endurance – big stout boy that carries heavy rider for ten plus miles each weekend with no problems

-If you want a gaited horse to gait everywhere you go without getting tired this is the guy for you

-Has been ridden at huge rides with hundreds of horses around

-Safely pastured in with goats and dogs

-Respects fences

-Pastured next to cows no problem

-Very gentle soul, respectful

-Joins up in the round pen, Monty Roberts + Clinton Anderson type ground work

-Loves a cookie


I’m a personal horse owner, not a barn that regularly sells / horse trader, so:

The bad – he’s not perfect (if we’re truthful, I don’t think any horse really is)

-does occasionally spook like any horse (but almost always just freezes temporarily then moves on)

-he needs to see a professional trainer to work on cantering. He would be *perfect* for as a Field Trial horse or just gaiting trail riding all day.

-still have to remind him to hold still for mounting, but he will with reminders

-takes some time to bond with new person

-is a forward mover and strong, not for a timid rider.

A confident husband though? Sure! Just point and he goes Please text me for a fast answer! Or leave a voicemail and I’ll call you back.



Emily Mitchell 864-419-5297

Greer, SC




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