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  • Breed: Appaloosa
  • Listed By: Riding Free Equine    580-898-2046
  • Location:  Durant, OK
  • Color: Chocolate Roan
  • Height: 16 HH
  • Foal Date: 2019
  • Sex: Mare
  • Markings:  4 socks star blanket
  • Ending: July 11, 2024

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  • Breed: Appaloosa
  • Listed By: Riding Free Equine    580-898-2046
  • Location: Durant, OK
  • Color: Chocolate Roan
  • Height: 16 HH
  • Foal Date: 2019
  • Sex: Mare
  • Markings: 4 socks star blanket
  • Ending: July 11, 2024

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Azriah is a 5 year old chocolate roan appaloosa standing at super friendly 16.0 hands tall.

Easy keeper. Healthy and sound as a whistle. She’s got such a unique look ,unlike any other appy I’ve seen; She’s truly beautiful. Big star, 4 white socks and a boomerang on her back end.
She’s got such kind eyes about her, She has a very” old soul” and curious personality about her.

Azriah name means “helped by God.” it sure fits.

She loves attention from people.

She follows at liberty once you become her best friend.

Has a calm disposition. Nothing fazes her, she’s seen all there possibly is in a town, semis, lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, joggers, barking dogs, fireworks, traffic, and bicycles. She has been ridden by many age groups and has taken care of everyone whose ridden her! Azriah is a true fear-less trail deluxe.

She’s fantastic just saddle her up and relax she’ll take good care of you! She is a good leader or follower in the groups, surrounded by dogs they don’t faze her. Stands ground tied or tied to the trailer with no issue. She’s ridden all sorts of terrain and has been sure-footed on all of them. She is a very confident horse. She’s given many of my friend’s confidence while riding her.

She’ll cross anything you point her to, bridges, creeks, up and down hills, even ride into the thicket to catch a wondering calf, she’ll do it for you.

She’ll gather cattle with you all day long.

Azriah is a mare with no “mare-ish” attitude we all dislike.

She’s amazing at all activities we’ve done with her at the playdays. Azriah is super easy to ride. She can be ridden with a flag, as you see in the video she’s been ridden in flag practice for the rodeo. She has the stamina to be ridden all day long, but she isn’t a fast horse I’d say she’s what we call more “whoa than go. ” She’s gentle and safe as they could ever be anywhere you decide to ride even if she feels you are bout to slip bareback, she stops for you to adjust your seat.

Neck reins, moves off leg pressure, Lopes both leads, has a nice stop and reverse.

She can be ridden with or without spurs, with saddle or bareback. Great for the farrier, just tap her leg and she’ll give you, her foot. Such a good girl. Stands for the tack up or down without being tied. Takes the bit right from you. Easy to bathe, brush, and fly spray.

Sound too good to be true? Just watch the video to see how she behaves and everything she can do.

Azriah is very experienced for her age; I trust her with my life and everyone whose ridden her. Every one of us has had a blast with her. She is a great horse for the whole family to love and enjoy riding for many years to come. As for those who will ask “why sell such a beautiful, good horse?”

Azriah is my personal horse and I’ve enjoyed every moment with her, it’s time someone else had the opportunity to enjoy her as well. She has been a true partner and friend for me. Very willing with everything I ask of her. She has a heart nobody could ever forget. So with that being said I’m ecstatic to see where she trailers to! There’s a special someone or family whose extremely lucky to get her.

Thank you for all of you who continue to purchase horses from us and give them good homes. We are very blessed to do what do for a living.
We look forward to speaking and meeting everyone who is interested in our lovely mare Azriah
She can be delivered anywhere!

Call or Text #580-899-2046


Riding Free Equine  580-898-2046

Durant, OK

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