Sold for: $15000

  • Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Listed By: Jordan Caudill   606-669-4009
  • Location: Hustonville, KY
  • Color: Classic Champagne
  • Height: 15 hh
  • Foal Date: April 2, 2020
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: see photos
  • Ending: October 24, 2023

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  • Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Listed By: Jordan Caudill   606-669-4009
  • Location: Hustonville, KY
  • Color: Classic Champagne
  • Height: 15 hh
  • Foal Date: April 2, 2020
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: see photos
  • Ending: October 24, 2023








Hello everyone I would like you to meet “A Classic Hytone” or “Champ” as he’s known around our barn.


I’m not even sure where to begin talking about this horse but here it goes.

He is a beautiful classic champagne registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that stands a shade over 15 hands tall on 4 keg shoes. He has been my dedicated trail partner all summer long!


Please don’t let Champ’s young age scare you for he has been ridden more miles than a lot of 10 year old trail horses!

I purchased this horse in January of 2023 and rode him some during the winter and early spring months but I mainly left him turned out.

When warm weather hit, I caught him up and set in on him. In the last few months we’ve consistently ridden no less than 25-30 miles a week across all different kinds of trails, highways and terrain.

Champ is at his best in the woods. I have yet to come up on a hill he couldn’t climb, a log he wouldn’t cross or a river he wouldn’t wade across. Champ does great by himself in the woods or in a group, he has no problem being leader and no problem being a follower at the back of the pack.


This horse has taken the very best care of me. He is sure footed and takes his time in the roughest and slickest of terrain.


Champ has a stylish and flashy 4 beat gait that will be the envy of your friends, but if flat foot walking all day is your forte, no worries. Champ will walk on a relaxed rein all day long as well. Champ is light and responsive in the mouth, will neck rein and back, he will also canter right out of a flatfoot walk.

Champ is eager to please in all aspects, when it’s time to go riding simply go to his stall, open the door and tell him “Come here”, and he will walk straight out of stall and follow you like a well trained dog straight to the cross ties.


He stands quietly in cross ties, he doesn’t mind a hair cut with clippers, he enjoys a good bath, he also stands well to be tacked up. When it’s time to go riding, he stands the very best to mount, he will stand as still as a statue with no tension in the reins until you have mounted and asked him to walk off.


Champ stands well for the farrier, he loads and unloads well on any kind of trailer.

He will stand quiet on a picket line all night and he’s also comfortable in hobbles.

Champ is solid around traffic, he doesn’t mind gunfire, bicycles, side by sides, 4 wheelers, dogs, trains, deer, or turkeys, if you can think of it, some time in the last ten months I’d say me and him have encountered it.


He’s not only broke the very best on his back, but he works single or double, he has been worked in a wagon team and also worked single in a cart, both of which he does exceptionally well.

Champ has been an eager learner and catches on quickly anytime I have introduced a new “trick” or command. I can literally talk all day long about this horse.

He is a dream to have around the barn, most days you won’t even know he’s on the property, he keeps his stall and himself clean, and when he’s turned out he’s mid to low in the pecking order.


Champ is gonna make some lucky person an unbelievable trail partner for many years to come. He comes clean and sound. He is also up to date on worming, shoeing and teeth work.

Please, if you’re interested in him, watch his whole video and feel free to contact me with any further questions and as always feel free to schedule an appointment to come ride and see him in person. Thank you!

Jordan Caudill    606-669-4009

Hustonville  KY


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